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X-Ray challenge, a patient with traumatic brain injury and pulmonary complications

By: Marcelo Alcantara, Médico - 10/29/2018 18:45

A 44 yo male, history of alcoholism, and crack use

He suffered traumatic brain injury but did not look for medical assistance and stayed at home.

After 20 days he had bullous skin lesions the right periorbital region. And, seven days before hospital admission he had fever and chills. 

He was admitted to the emergency room with coma and developed acute respiratory failure, and he was intubated.

An exam of the cerebral spinal fluid showed:  458 cells/mm3, 86% neutrophils. Protein 15mg/dl. Negative bacterioscopy      

He was diagnosed with septic shock and meningitis.

Check the patient's X-Ray in the ICU in the following response to this topic.

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