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Challenge on MV: a patient with ARF monitored with electrical impedance tomography

By: Marcelo Alcantara, Médico - 12/15/2018 05:08

  1. Woman 53 yo, acute hypoxemic respiratory failure
  2. She was intubated for hemoptysis, severe hypoxemia and resp. muscles fatigue with a clinical suspicion of alveolar hemorrhage
  3. See below her chest x-ray after 48-72h of MV.
  4. PaO2 85mmHg, FIO2 60%, PEEP 16cmH2O
  5. pH 7.37  PaCO2 79mmHg BE 17 VT 6ml/kg IBW
  6. She was monitored with electrical impedance tomography (EIT)
  7. How would you interpret the EIT findings?

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