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JOURNAL CLUB - The physiological underpinnings of life-saving respiratory support

By: Marcelo Alcantara, Médico - 06/28/2022 13:45

In this review paper, prominent international physicians and researchers from America, Europe and Thailand provide a fascinating perspective on the basis of ventilatory support in the last decades.

In a very well-illustrated work, they comment on the very purpose of mechanical ventilation, emphasizing the pros and cons of the ventilatory support from a noninvasive approach to ECMO.

See below one of the figures that, as an old Chinese proverb, "a picture may value a thousand words".

The paper is "free access" type.

Please check the link below and enjoy it.

Telias, I., Brochard, L.J., Gattarello, S. et al. The physiological underpinnings of life-saving respiratory support. Intensive Care Med (2022)



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