Patient with severe pneumonia, hypoxemia and high peak inspiratory pressure.

Last update: Tuesday, 28 Jan 2020 at 16:56

A 55-year-old female patient was admitted to the emergency room about 8 hours ago due to severe community-acquired pneumonia. Her chest X-ray shows bilateral interstitial-alveolar infiltrates with air bronchogram. She was intubated. Ventilator settings, such as ventilation curves and arterial blood gases, are below. Her ideal body weight is 57kg.

What immediate action would be advisable for proper management of mechanical ventilation from the options below?

Fig 01

a) Perform inspiratory pause
b) Increase PEEP to 15cmH2O
c) Perform alveolar recruitment maneuver
d) Change the mode to PCV with maximum 35cmH2O Paw

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