A Critical Review of Mechanical Ventilation Virtual Simulators

Last update: Wednesday, 15 Jun 2016 at 19:09

A Critical Review of Mechanical Ventilation Virtual Simulators: Is It Time to Use Them?

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We are proud to share with our users, subscribers and friends, our first scientific paper evaluating the performance of Xlung Simulator. Today virtual simulation in healthcare as an unquestionable reality, with numerous social and economic factors that support this idea.

In this article, we reviewed the majors simulators focused on teaching and learning in mechanical ventilation market, comparing its didactic performance with Xlung Simulator. The interesting idea and the most important is the paper itself, the data and comparisons made and the results and conclusions found by us, all open for viewing in full, to the public!

Click here to read the paper.

Source: http://mededu.jmir.org/2016/1/e8/