Correcting an asynchrony in A/C mode with a simple adjustment

Last update: Monday, 23 Dec 2019 at 12:09

A patient was subjected to invasive mechanical ventilation because of pneumonia.

There was enough clinical improvement, so sedation was suspended.

The patient was in PCV-A/C mode with a respiratory rate (RR) set: 28bpm, RR total: 35bpm, insp. time: 0.7s and applied pressure above PEEP: 28cmH2O).

The physician on duty was called by the respiratory therapist to evaluate the asynchrony below:

What approach would be best in this situation?

a) Increase the applied pressure above PEEP.
b) Increase the RR.
c) Decrease the RR.
d) Increase the inspiratory time.
e) Intravenous bolus sedation.

For this quiz we recommend reading the following chapters: Basic Ventilation Modes.

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