A patient with pneumonia, pulmonary gas exchange abnormalities and acid-base disturbances in the arterial blood while on oxygen therapy

Last update: Monday, 02 Dec 2019 at 17:25

A 55 year-old male patient with pneumonia and bilateral lung opacities in the chest x-ray had an arterial blood gas analysis (ABG) with these results while he was on oxygen therapy with the following device:


Source: www.xlung.net

1. What type of acid-base disturbances can be found?

a) Combined metabolic and respiratory acidosis
b) Combined respiratory alkalosis and metabolic acidosis
c) Combined metabolic and respiratory acidosis
d) Combined metabolic alkalosis and respiratory acidosis

2. Is it possible to estimate the degree of pulmonary shunt?

a) Yes and it is moderate to severe pulmonary shunt
b) Yes and it is none to low pulmonary shunt
c) No, it is not possible to estimate pulmonary shunt

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