An old ex-smoker with hypoxemic and hypercapnic respiratory failure

Last update: Thursday, 29 Oct 2020 at 15:18

A 70 years old male, ex-smoker (40 pack-years) patient was admitted to the emergency room because of dyspnea in the last 4 days probably due to a viral respiratory infection. His respiratory rate was 18 bpm and accessory muscles of respiration were used. His pulse oximetry (SpO2) was 87%.

The following arterial blood gases (ABG) analysis were obtained while he was breathing with room air:



1.Which of the following acid-base disturbance is, most probably present in his ABG?

a) Acute respiratory acidosis
b) Chronic respiratory acidosis
c) Acute metabolic alkalosis
d) Chronic metabolic alkalosis

2.Which of the following oxygen (O2) therapy would be the most appropriate at the moment?

a) Nasal catheter 1-2l/min
b) Nasal catheter 3-4l/min
c) Venturi mask 40% FIO2
d) Venturi mask 50% FIO2

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