Acid-base disturbance and problems with respiratory mechanics in a heavy smoker during controlled MV.

Last update: Monday, 02 Dec 2019 at 17:49

A 66 year-old man, former smoker, was admitted to the ICU due to respiratory failure. He has been mechanically ventilated for the past 24 hours. He is on pressure controlled ventilation (PCV) with a tidal volume (VT) of 450ml (6ml/kg, IBW) with a respiratory rate (RR) of 18 bpm.

Novo Quiz1

Arterial blood gases (ABG), FIO2:30%

Novo Quiz2

Flow and airway pressure vs time curves

1) Which of the following acid-base disturbance is present?

a. Metabolic alkalosis
b. Compensated respiratory acidosis
c. Impossible to determine

2) Which of the following ventilator settings should be changed?

a. Reduce VT
b. Increase PEEP
c. Reduce RR
d. Increase inspiratory flow

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