Patient in A/C-VCV mode in the immediate postoperative period

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A 60-year-old, non-smoker patient was admitted to the ICU in the exploratory laparotomy immediate postoperative period for acute abdomen caused by complicated appendicitis .

He is under the residual effect of anesthetics, without reacting to sound or tactile stimuli. RASS sedation score: -5; BP: 120x70 mmHg; Pulse: 98 ppm.

The ventilator was set in Mode A/C VCV with a Tidal Volume (VT) programmed in 650ml, RR: 14bpm, FIO2: 30%. His height is 1.60m and his weight is 74kg.

Quiz 6 Xlung En

What adjustment of ventilator parameters is strongly recommended at this time?

a) Reduce respiratory rate
b) Change type of flow to ramp wave
c) Increase PEEP
d) Reduce tidal volume (VT)
e) No adjustment

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For this exercise we recommend reading the chapter Basic modes of Mechanical Ventilation

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