A patient with severe asthma exacerbation intubated in A/C-VCV mode: square vs ramp flow waveform

Last update: Wednesday, 13 Nov 2019 at 19:20

A 26-year-old patient with a severe asthma attack was intubated on mechanical ventilation in the A / C-VCV mode with Tidal Volume (VT) of 500 ml (8 ml / kg body weight), with elevated airway pressure (Paw).

The ventilator operator modified the flow wave type, from square to ramp-shaped, decelerated, as it is shown in the figure below. The VT was not modified.

Quiz 7   Fig 1

There is a great reduction of the Paw, despite a slight increase in inspiratory time.
What impact on alveolar pressure is this adjustment expected to have?

a) None
b) Reduction
c) Increase
d) It is impossible to predict with this data

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For this exercise, we recommend reading the chapter Basic Modes of Mechanical Ventilation.

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